Look and feel successful as you always dreamt of but never have the courage and time to become.

When you are looking at the pictures of the successful women who inspire you, you almost immediately notice how groomed and beautiful they are. They surely invest tons of money and time in their grooming, wardrobe, manicure, salon treatments but you seem not to be on that level yet. How many times you promise yourself that you will work on your looks when you’ll accomplish a particular milestone in your business, or when you will lose weight, or when your kids will be grown up a little bit, or when you will start exercising or when you will have more money. When you are invited to business events or gatherings you sometimes just don’t feel confident to stand side by side with all the other ladies who must have spent a fortune to look so well for that occasion but you simply don’t have that time to spend for yourself. And then you feel not enough, not at their level yet to have all the attention they receive, to be seen as a public figure, as a successful woman yourself and to confidently speak about yourself, your work, your mission in the world.

What you need are resources and guidance so that you can work on your appearance from what you hold within, from the vision of yourself at your very best, the one version of yourself that has it all: success, beauty, love, loving relationships, engaging and powerful conversations and bring your influence and impact at any level that you want. You need to start radiating your feminine energy and gentle strength and having it all unfolding for you so easily. For so long you have been dreaming of that magic formula that will help you flourish your success and make a shift in your appearance, to see a new expression on your face, your posture, your language and most of all, on your confidence.

You have never been so ready to make a powerful change as you are now!

It is not a coincidence that you are about to enrol to this program and to start this style journey and make your personality shine through your clothes and how you look. Because women are beautiful and beauty is our essence. So let’s make it happen, success is the only option.

Benefits of the program

In this 6 weeks group program you will:

Build the perfect set of outfits

You will easily build an elegant set of perfect outfits from head to toe that are always ready for the most fruitful day so that you can achieve greater results in every aspect of your life.

Establish a beauty routine

You will establish a beauty routine that will get so easy for you and it won’t take enormous amount of time or experience and knowledge but will reflect as glowing skin, nails, hair so that everyone will start noticing your true beauty.

See your body change

Your body will change completely with all the small but very potent actions you will start to take and integrate in our everyday life so that being the most beautiful version of yourself actually becomes so much fun.

Experience positive shifts

You will start noticing shifts in everything that surrounds you, suddenly you will start to receive more compliments, offerings, invitations, your husband or partner may start to notice how you enjoy taking care of yourself that he will start to invest in this activity too.

Connect with your femininity

You will connect with your femininity and it will feel like pouring water constantly to a beautiful flower. Being more happy with yourself and more connected to yourself will give you more confidence and awareness so that you can start being your own reference and fully give love and attention to all around you: your business but also your loved ones, your children and your circle of friends and connections.

Embrace a better you

Prepare yourself for bigger sales, bigger results, bigger offers, bigger income since the energy you will put into yourself will reflect on your outer world too. An elegant and groomed woman is seen successful, organised, focused and magnetic.

This program is different to any other style program you have ever taken. Here you will first connect to yourself, your femininity, you will define who you are as a woman and you will build a signature style according to that. This will make your signature style so unique but very aligned with your personality and the big vision you have for yourself.

Silvija Černac

This program is for you if:

If you are a beautiful woman that has never the time to actually think about clothes and style.
If you are always investing into your business, your personal and business growth, education, seminars, courses but at the end you forget about your outer appearance.

If you want to embody the woman who is an expert, professional, groomed, informed, highly educated, successful, spiritual and beautiful.

If you want to express your success through your public figure.
If you are ready to invest time and money in your appearance and include style and beauty related spending into your budget planning.
If you are ready to take the next step in your career and stand side by side with other successful women without feeling that you are not enough.
If you are tired to make time for anything else before you and you are finally making time to up-level your appearance as well.
If you have been going so deep into yourself and developing that you are now ready to go out in the world as a butterfly and show how beautiful you are.
If it is time for you to spread your wings and fly.

If you are ready to believe that you can look like a million dollars goddess on Earth.

If you enjoy being pretty and would like to hold on to that feeling that style is actually fun and it makes you so beautiful and glowing.

This program is NOT for you if:

If you believe that a woman is not supposed to live her beauty and be successful at the same time.
If you think that looks doesn’t matter, that is not part of the package that you are sending out in the world and after all also selling.
If you think that you don’t deserve to be beautiful.
If you are not committed to find beauty in everything that surrounds you.
If you think that it takes thousands of dollars and a huge wardrobe full of clothes and enormous time spent in salons in order to be beautiful.
If you don’t want to live your femininity, elegance, attractiveness.
If you don’t love fashion, style and beauty.

Features of the program


A welcome video session to get to know each other and to set your style goals to achieve the most powerful style and appearance that will skyrocket your confidence and success.


A questionnaire that will reveal to you your body shape and style personality and will give you immediate insight on which shapes and types of clothing, shoes, accessories and more are the most appealing to you and will make you really reflect your success.


A virtual vision board with your ideal outfit ideas that will make your shopping so much easier and fun even if you will shop from your own wardrobe.


Guidance to choose your best colours without having to give up any colour, especially not black, but rather sticking to the colours you are attracted to the most.
EUR: 250 EUR


Knowledge on how to choose the best accessories for your personality and project your big vision of yourself through bags, shoes and beautiful jewellery.


A video session where you will address all your questions and doubts and where I will guide you to have the best results for yourself and to really find your true signature style as a business woman.

Total value: €1.450,00

Price: €899,00

You have never been so ready to make a powerful change as you are now!

A woman has immense power to create the exact results that she wants, she can easily adjust to every situation and make the most of it for herself, and everyone around her. Sometimes she needs some help to push her out from her comfort zone and here is where the two of us meet. Let yourself be successful and beautiful and let me guide you through this beautiful process.

My story

Hi, beautiful lady. Let me introduce to you, my name is Silvija and I was once lost and overwhelmed by all things I needed to do but had no time and resources to invest in myself. Before I gave birth to my beautiful daughter I had all the time in the world for myself, for grooming, shopping, going to beauty and hair salons, so I was literally having everything in place to be connected with myself and to be beautiful. Then, after I gave birth to my daughter this immense shift happened for me and I almost lost any me-time but also my body changed and my confidence was a little bit lost or maybe just hiding somewhere. I remember I needed to consciously choose at least one little activity for myself that would make me feel more connected with myself and to be a woman first. I remember that I have started with wearing lipstick every day, even if I stayed in my pyjamas until lunch, I would put some red lipstick on. So every time I went by a mirror I would see there a woman, not just a mother but a woman. Then step by step as my daughter was growing and as I had processed all the deep feelings I was experiencing by becoming a mother, I started realising that it really takes time and commitment for a woman if she wants to look good on the outside too. It is not given to her, there are so many roles for her, between running a family, a household, being a loving wife and mother, running a successful business or working in a company, having social events, meeting, networking events, and so on and so on. The time she has for herself when she can pause and think of how she wants to look, can be really very limited, but it should never be an excuse to put herself last. This is how I started combining planning and structure with my styling business and created this powerful and goal oriented program thinking about you and going through the exact steps of the program. Now it is time for you to make powerful changes and start being that magnetic and successful woman you truly are.