Silvija Cernac

Style Coach

Hi, my lovely elegant lady,

welcome to my universe where everything is beautiful, elegant, simple, loving and heart warming. Here you will find all the guidance and inspiration you need to be that confident, successful, reliable, groomed and loving woman you truly are. Here time stops every time you come to read something because every line is written with the intention to serve you, to inspire you and to create the time you need to acknowledge your beauty.  

This place is created to empower you with simple but perfect advice and guidance so that you can easily start preparing all you need to have the dresses, shoes and accessories you always wanted.  The ones that are aligned with your vision of yourself in your best version and reflect your unique personality. Everything you need to create your successful woman signature style in a way you have never imagined. Here you will dive into your secret desires, your deepest wishes and goals so you can start embody them with the choices you will take every day when you groom and dress yourself. 

Let’s start this journey together.